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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to all the frequently asked questions about subscription to The Architectural Review.

Why take out a subscription to The Architectural Review?

The Architectural Review brings you the most inspirational coverage of cutting-edge and contemporary architecture from around the world.

Every month, it presents a wide-ranging vision of international design to architects and architectural students worldwide. It is a source of inspiration to thousands, providing subscribers with detailed and finely-illustrated reviews of architectural projects.

What does a subscription to The Architectural Review include?

A subscription to Architectural Review will help keep you up to date with all the latest industry news and analysis.

Content is supplied in the form of a printed magazine which is packed full of the latest news, insight and stunning photos.

How much is a subscription to The Architectural Review?

Subscription prices can be influenced by seasonal offers and customer locations.  To find the latest prices please browse our website to find out more.

Can you deliver to an address outside the UK?

Yes. But as the magazine is despatched from the UK, the subscription price is higher to cover the additional delivery costs. Please browse our website to find out more.

What’s included in the subscription price?

The prices quoted will include delivery of our magazine to your home or office address and will include exclusive access to the downloads on this site.

When will my first issue arrive?

Your order acknowledgement will confirm details of the first issue you will be sent. This is normally within 14 days of placing your order.


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