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Architecture that will Challenge and Inspire 

As a determined student who is devoted to designing and building architecture that is both practical and experimental, the Architectural Review (AR) is essential to your development.

The AR provides you with critical perspectives and stimulating opinions, which will make you think more deeply about the architecture you're designing, its relationship with the wider world and how it can make a difference to the way people live today.

The AR does this by:
Inspiring you with in-depth, beautifully illustrated critiques of significant buildings from around the world
Examining how wider changes are affecting particular building types and how to make them work for you
Providing you with compelling insights from leading architects, critics and cultural commentator.

A subscription also includes access to: 

Filmed revisits so you get to see how different buildings around the world have been approached and if they do the right job.
An online searchable archive organized by building type, material and location, including plans, critiques and typology reports covering the greatest architecture in the world

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