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We’re celebrating our 120th birthday with a lavish anniversary edition of The Architectural Review – subscribe today to get your copy

This special collector's edition will take you on an exciting journey through 120 years of buildings and architectural inspiration that you’ll refer back to for years to come.

It reproduces rare content on a mix of special papers, takes a look back at ground-breaking content, from Le Corbusier to Manplan and more, and features original writing by leading architects and thinkers, including:

Norman Foster on how evolving technology has changed both practice and buildings
Peter Cook on how the architecture of museums, shopping malls and the seaside have linked design to leisure
Beatriz Colomina on the changing themes of architectural education
Patrik Schumacher on how architectural styles relate to the political system they're in
Yvonne Farrell on the art and craft of architecture
Gillian Darley on the role of architects in building housing
Jonathan Glancey on the AR's historic campaigns and how they changed place making forever
Owen Hatherley on the struggle of how to add new buildings to old cities


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