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Stand-out houses + innovative housing

"It is something that architects will always be exploring.

The way we dwell."

Housing is one of the most pressing needs facing communities today, this is why the Architectural Review's upcoming content is dedicated to innovative housing. We’ll be exploring some liberating projects that break the mould rather than following the formulaic approach.

There is a difference in providing a roof over someone’s head versus offering a space for somebody’s life to happen. The AR Housing Awards finalists are taking some steps towards achieving this. Their projects remind us at the centre of all housing is the human. Subscribe today and be inspired by in-depth, beautifully illustrated critiques of their exemplar housing projects.


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The AR set out to find perfection. Our expert panel of judges found projects that demonstrate individuality, and have a clear architectural language – they make a contribution to a shared culture

From the green quadrangles of medieval almshouses to towering banlieues, the history of mass housing represents architecture at its most high-minded – which makes its failures all the more painful, writes Tom Wilkinson

Community engagement has gone from being a hard-won achievement to something paid lip service. It’s time to return to working with the people, writes Reiner de Graaf

The destruction of social housing in Britain has been legitimised by the magical thinking of conservative urbanism’s useful idiots, writes Tom

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