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Wonderful Workspaces

The Architectural Review (AR) Work Awards celebrate exceptional workplace buildings completed in the last 5 years - from large scale offices and factories to live/work projects and small scale refurbishments across the globe.
The outstanding winning projects from Ireland to Mexico and from the USA to Sweden featured in a special edition of the Architectural Review which is themed around Work.

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• Outrage: Paul Finch on hot desking
• Keynote: Jack Self on productivity, from its birth in monasteries to today. Is     co–working the new communion?
• Work spaces by Bruther, Lorenzo Castro, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Lederer     Ragnarsdottir Oei
• Reputations: Hilla Becher
• Typology: Fire Stations
• Skill: Wood


Let the AR provide you with access to ground-breaking architectural ideas, which will inspire your own projects and keep you at the top of your game.