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The World Architectural Festival

The gateway to global recognition, WAF is where the world architecture community meets to celebrate, learn, exchange and be inspired.

World Architecture Festival is the world’s largest international architectural event. It includes the biggest architectural awards programme in the world, dedicated to celebrating excellence via live presentations to delegates and international juries. 

The World Architecture Festival was born and launched in 2008 by the Architectural Review. The AR publishes a special supplement every year that celebrates the event and all its awards. This publication is a mixture of review and preview, plus interviews with previous WAF winners.

 This publication is a mixture of review and WAF_front_cover_v2.jpgpreview, plus interviews with WAF Awards are a critical celebration of the best work being carried out by practices large and small, known and unknown, from across the world. The live presentation and judging programme is always complemented by a thematic conference.previous WAF winners, and a short history of architecture in Singapore over the past 50 years.

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